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Chairperson's Report for 2018–19

Well, it's been quite a year. I have enjoyed serving as Chair of Leeds U3A but it's now time to pass on the job and let others do the plate spinning! If I’m asked to sum up my term of office in a word? FRIENDSHIP.

The U3A is an inspiring organisation to be a member of and there are exciting times ahead as 2020 marks 35 years since our humble beginnings in 1985. I do hope you will get involved, help us celebrate and make plans for the future of your U3A.

Welcome to the many new members who have joined us in the past year and Thank You to long-standing members who have made them feel at home. It's a sad fact of U3A life that we lose members as well as gaining them and our sympathy goes out to the families of those we have lost.

At the time of writing this report, we have 600+ members listed on our fully functioning Beacon System. What a difference computerisation has made. Not everybody's cup of tea, I know – but it has its place. It's very easy now to send out information, or requests for help, by email. I do care about those without email access but it's not possible to send everything out by post and I'm sorry about that.

Your committee has had its ups and downs this year and we came perilously close to closing at one point. You may remember the visit of Sue Stokes our Regional Trustee on 2 April. However, the unflinching determination of Committee Members to keep the U3A going has been awesome and should be applauded by all.

As well as Chair, I've been Speaker Finder for a while now and, more recently, Acting Secretary so you know who to come to with comments, suggestions and (if you must) complaints.

Groups have continued to thrive and increase in number thanks to Janet Keogh, Vice Chair and Groups Co-ordinator and our wonderful Group Leaders. We hope to arrange more Group Leaders' meetings during the coming year.

Maureen Lewin our Treasurer has done wonders to bring our finances back into good order and to ensure everything is properly recorded. Anne Searles, Membership Secretary, has worked very hard to ensure the security and accuracy of members' details on the Beacon system. My thanks to all members of the Committee for all their hard work and commitment.

I have attended a number of regional meetings in the last year as well as the national AGM in August. Members enjoyed the Annual Educational Visit to Birmingham in July 2018 and many are looking forward to this year's trip to Newcastle. Christmas Lunch was fun, with No Fluke entertaining everyone. Our fortnightly meetings are a great opportunity to meet new friends, learn about something different and find out what's happening in Leeds U3A.

The U3A is what you make it, may it be all you want it to be.

Angela Hutchinson
June 2019


Income and expenditure account for 2018