Leeds U3A The University of the Third Age

The canal gardens, Roundhay

How to set up a group

  1. Put out information of a prospective new group and collect names/details.
  2. Meet to assess who will be in the group, who will lead/do admin etc. Complete a proposal form wherever possible (click here for a copy).
  3. Decide when and where the group will meet:
    • Find out if there is space available at the chosen venue.
    • Find out how much the room rental will be.
  4. Divide cost of the room between group members to ascertain how much each will pay per session. Each U3A group has to be self-financing.
  5. Payment for room hire at MASSC, Heart, Immaculate Heart, Inkwell, is in advance, so by looking at the U3A calendar sent out to group leaders at the beginning of the year you will be able to calculate how many sessions need to be paid for. Rooms should be booked via the Treasurer who will be able to tell you how much the room hire is for each venue.
  6. The Treasurer will book a room with venue concerned.
  7. There is a modest start-up grant available to new groups by applying to the committee. This is to pay for equipment or to help with start-up costs. All equipment bought by U3A is the property of U3A but can, by agreement, be stored at the venue or taken care of by the group leader who will bring it to each session.
  8. The details on the completed proposal form are to be notified to:
    • Website (email the webmaster);
    • Person producing programme;
    • Groups Coordinator, so that a copy may be kept on file and a new card can be made for the general meeting groups' notice board.

U3A Members who are Group Leaders/Administrators, Speakers, Committee Members, etc., give their time freely and they cannot be paid under the Aims and Guiding Principles of U3A, "The Mutual Aid Principle".