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Music Appreciation Group

photoThe Music Appreciation Group started around 14 years ago and is still going strong!

We include a variety of different types of music but we have traditionally featured classical music. There is a small group of three who decide on the dates for sessions. We are lucky to have a core of guest presenters from the group who have brought in a range of new music. We collect the small entrance fee and ensure there is always tea, coffee and biscuits – very important!

Recent sessions have included a ballet version of a Midsummer's Night Dream on DVD, a celebration of British music and poetry over the last 100 years, a session called Members' Choice, where members choose their favourite pieces of music, an exploration of the great American musicals including West Side Story on DVD, a session to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution (not as dreary as it sounds), a session on Nostalgia (choosing music from our youth) and many more.

We meet three weeks out of four in the Bar area at MASSC from 10.30 to 12 noon on a Wednesday (not the second one in the month). We are a friendly and welcoming lot and we have a few vacancies, so if you would like to come along and try us out you would be very welcome. If you would like more information please ring Anne Wyatt.