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Ethnic Food Fans Group

photoMany of us like going out for a meal but wouldn't want to go by ourselves. So the idea of this group is to go for lunch or dinner at restaurants in and around Leeds which specialise in ethnic food, including Asian, Middle Eastern, African, European and South American cuisine.

The group will open with a meal arranged by Connie Evans. The date, time and location will be announced at least two weeks in advance. Thereafter the group members will be encouraged to suggest restaurants where they have eaten and are happy to recommend.

Initially the group has been restricted to 50 members with a limit of 12 people attending any one meal. Please Note: This number has been met, so a reserve list is being kept of those wishing to join should a vacancy occur or the maximum membership be increased.

We expect a meal to be arranged once a month. More frequent dates may eventually be added depending on the popularity of the group. There will be no charge for being a member of the group; payment will be solely for the meal on the night (unless a deposit is required by the restaurant) and each diner will be responsible for their own bill. Details of meals will be sent out to members on the group mailing list, inviting those wishing to attend to book their place at least a week in advance of the date. Bookings for each event will be accepted on a on a first-come-first-served basis.

For insurance reasons, people who go to the events must be U3A members, no friends or guests who are not in U3A. Diners must be responsible for their own dietary and allergy needs.

If you would like to join this group please email Connie at connie@hunny.org.uk or leave a message on 0113 253 6891 or 07966 459972, and she will contact you.